Fml: How Carson McCullers Saved My Life
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After a series of amazing performances in-person featuring both professional touring artists and our hard-working Carthage students last year, the Fine Arts program returns for the 2022-2023 school year with a variety of recurring and new events! To further entice and excite our audiences, our multiple ticket subscriptions can be ordered starting July 11, 2022 online or through our ticket order form! Whether it be our Performing Arts Series, Mainstage/Music Theatre, or our Full Season subscription, each concertgoer is sure to use our subscription ticket discounts to experience a series of amazing events.

New York Voices Our Performing Arts Series is celebrating its 26 th year with the PAS all 5 Subscription. The subscription allows participants to order their tickets for every PAS concert at a 20% discount. The total sum of all five concerts decreases from $55 per adult to $44! The cost of subscriptions for seniors (55+) and Carthage students will vary, as their tickets cost less. The Performing Arts Series will feature a variety of well renowned musicians and performers, including Joanne Polk, Lauren Jelenovich, New York Voices, EStrella Duo, and Ensamble 7/4!

Joanne Polk is a talented pianist well known for her complete recordings of various piano works from various composers. Her rendition of By The Still Waters, composed by Amy Beach, earned the 1998 Indie award for best solo recording. In an article known as Profiles in Courage in 2014, Joanne was labeled as one of Musical America’s Top 30 Professionals of the Year. Lauren Jelenovich is a spectacular musical theater and opera singer, earning critical accolades for her rendering of Lauretta in Gianni Schicchi and Suor Genovieffa in Suor Angelica. Earning her graduate degree from the Manhattan School of Music, Jelenovich has performed in many Off-Broadway world premieres and prior to the pandemic, was on a World Tour with Yanni as a featured vocalist. Performing across the U.S. since 1988, New York Voices is an ensemble focusing heavily on jazz canon. Having performed for over 40 years as a group, New York Voices continues to work hard and honor the composers of jazz classics while also rendering their works into something new and beautiful. The band’s repertoire has a piece of jazz and other genres of music, including Answered Prayers, The Beatles’ In My Life, and Reminiscing in Tempo, NYV’s 30-year anniversary release. The EStrella Piano Duo consists of Svetlana Belsky and Elena Duibovitskaya. Beginning their musical debut in 2011, the duo has worked hard displaying beautiful Russian music in the form of pieces performed by a duo. Their renditions of Russian music earned them a Global Music Award Silver Medal, specifically due to their new CD, Tales from the East. Elena and Svetlana have toured across Europe, Asia, and the U.S., performing their virtuosic pieces for all to hear. Ensamble 7/4 is a group of seven friends who decided to create an ensemble to show the world just how stunning Venezuelan folk music and Latin American music and jazz can be. Touring both in Venezuela and internationally in various countries, Ensamble 7/4 is hard at work composing and performing their multiple albums, including silver medal winner of The Global Music Awards Welcome to America, Tour Pabellon Criollo, and FestFanfaren.

Legally Blonde The Mainstage/Music Theatre all 6 Subscription is open for those who want to experience our Theatre Department and Music Theatre performances. After using the subscriptions 20% discount, the total sum of adult tickets for all six concerts only $67! Our events will be a variety of musical performances directed by Carthage’s own professors and performed by our Carthage students. Our audiences are sure to be on the edge of their seats as they experience shows such as Antigone, Hair, Legally Blonde and more!

Antigone is one of three plays composed by Sophocles. The story follows Antigone, the defiant yet sorrowful daughter of Oedipus, as she attempts to do what she believes is right, bringing confusion and troubles to the house of Oedipus. A tale of loss, grief, and familial duty, this performance from our fine arts students is sure to pull the heartstrings of the audience. In November, Carthage Theatre is working together with Ireland’s West End House School of Arts in Killarney to create the world premiere Memento Mori. Using an ensemble of creators and directors, this performance will focus on life’s greatest questions. Since 2009, Carthage Theatre has been working side by side with playwrights who have earned Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, and more. Using the combined efforts of our Carthage students and these playwrights, Memento Mori is sure to be a spectacular performance. Hair is a rock musical composed by Galt MacDermot. The tale follows the adventure of a group of people living in New York in the 1960s. Having been performed on Broadway over 1,750 times, the musical is well-known and loved by most, fully defining the genre of rock musical itself. In the Moment is this year’s title of the annual fall dance production. This production consists of a variety of different performances created by insightful Carthage performers and students. The title of the project, In the Moment, will serve as a reminder that every type of performance is a moment. The event will feature various guests and faculty, including Stacy Pottinger, Kristina Saldarelli, Jenny Barreca, and Karlies Kelly Vedula. FML: How Carson McCullers Saved My Life tells the story of Jo, a high school junior, assigned a novel by Carson McCullers. After experiencing ridicule and criticism due to her sexuality, Jo’s confidence is shaken. While focusing on writing her autobiographical graphic novel, Jo must also work hard to rebuild her confidence and love herself for being different. Carthage Theatre’s unforgettable FML performance will show the audience what it means to love oneself, art, and others. Legally Blonde is a musical created in 2007 after the book and novel. The musical tells the story of Elle Woods, a college girl enrolled at Harvard Law School. The audience can follow along with Elle’s time at college as she defies the expectations of those around her while also growing into the person that she wants to be.

Carthage's annual Christmas Festival in 2020. Finally, we have our Full Season Subscription! This subscription includes every single performance from the Performing Art Series and our Mainstage/Music Theatre calendar, but also including the Carthage Christmas Festival! Along with having every event, the discount for each ticket using our subscription is 30%! The total sum of the adult tickets for every show is only $104, instead of the usual $149. If you are someone who loves to experience each and every Carthage Fine Arts event, then this is the subscription for you!

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