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Rob is the director of strategic recruitment at Carthage, and a 1997 graduate. He grew up in Marshfield, Wis., graduating from Columbus High School in 1993. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in English and criminal justice (magna cum laude) and graduated with All College Honors. He lives with his wife, Jessica — a fellow Carthage grad — their three daughters, and a mixed-breed oversized lapdog.

Rob Schiferl


Director of Strategic Recruitment


Lentz Hall Fourth Floor

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As director of strategic recruitment, Rob works with students in all territories.

Life before Carthage:

“I started my post-college working life at Carthage in the Admissions Office. I left Carthage, working as the vice president for development and alumni relations at a private K-12 school system, and as the writer and publications specialist for the Marshfield Clinic Division of Education. I greatly missed Carthage, and returned ‘home’ more than 15 years ago.”

Professional interests:

“I am a technology buff. However, my interest is in the practical implementation of tech as a tool, not merely tech for the sake of tech. Sometimes related to tech, I’m interested in innovative and functional communication and marketing. And, having worked in higher education for much of my career, I’m fascinated by higher ed culture.”

Best college search tip:

“Ask lots and lots of questions, big and small. They help reduce the stress of the college search, and they help you find the college that is the best fit for you.”

What do you learn from interacting with Carthage students?

“Every incoming Carthage class reminds me that the future is very bright. There’s still a thirst for learning and living meaningful lives.”

What do you value most about working at Carthage?

“Working at Carthage is a vocation, not simply a job. The choice of what college to attend really does matter, and seeing students grow during their time at Carthage and move on to fulfilling lives because of their experiences here helps keep me feeling fulfilled, as well.”


“I’m a huge music fan across a wide range of genres, though I don’t personally play an instrument: 1000+ cds, stereos throughout the house, two turntables with around 650 vinyl records, a streaming music subscription, and speakers that could likely crack windows. I’m also intrigued by the music business, particularly the innovative self-marketing of indie musicians with shoestring budgets. Among my favorite indie musician discoveries are Ruelle and Michael Shynes.”

Favorite Carthage tradition:

“Painting Kissing Rock.”

Favorite TV show:

“Online streaming has really changed the concept of favorite TV shows. Some of my streaming favorites are ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Parenthood.’ Both were incredibly well-written with detailed staging. Current favorites include ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ along with British comedy/game show series ‘Taskmaster’”

Favorite movie:

“‘The Conversation,’ from 1974. The film explores the tension between privacy and security, a topic I find fascinating and research as a hobby.”

Favorite sports team:

“I’m not a sports fanatic, but I am a Packers fan and watch those games. I also watch nearly all of the Carthage men’s and women’s basketball games, viewing them online when I can’t see them in person.”

What would people be surprised to know about you?

“1. I will eat pretty much anything considered food, and will try any restaurant. 2. Despite being the go-to ‘tech guy’ in our office, in my free time I make sure to include some time being ‘unplugged’ (excluding ebooks, of course). I’ll often leave the house without carrying a cell phone.”

What are your recommendations for people new to Kenosha?

“Spend some time downtown and by the harbor and marina. And since I’m both a techie and a foodie of sorts, I also recommend checking Yelp for interesting restaurants in the area. If you like Mexican food, give La Fogata right down the road from campus a try. Also near campus, The Soup Depot is an excellent small Greek/American diner.”