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Logo Design Contest

January 23, 2019

Hey creative science buffs, we need a logo!


Eligibility: All Space Grant students
Submission Deadline: February 20, 2019
Submit designs to:

The National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program is seeking entries for the:

We want YOUR ideas on how to best represent the 30th Anniversary of the NASA Space Grant Program.

The winning design will be used on the National Space Grant website with full credit to the designer .  The winner will also receive an autographed book by astronaut Scott Kelly.

Logo Contest Flyer

FAQ: National Space Grant 30th Anniversary Student Logo Competition

The following are some general guidelines and tips to help students prepare their logo designs

  • Directors and Coordinators from all Space Grant jurisdictions will vote on the winning design.
  • Size: the logo design should be scalable in size (i.e., limited text) for use on websites, promotional materials (e.g., stickers, T-shirts, etc.). The maximum size envisioned is approximated 5.5” square/diameter.
  • Format of submission: please submit a high spatial resolution .png (or comparable) file.
  • Colors: this is up to the student, but a transparent background (rather than white or black) is requested (but not required). The winning logo may be converted to gray scale or a reduced number of colors by each jurisdiction for optimum use.
  • Required text: the logo must express the 30th anniversary of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program in some form. It is recognized that the official name of the program is too long for a logo.
  • Elements of the official NASA logo may not be used without permission.
  • The winning logo may be slightly revised by the National Space Grant Council Executive Committee.
  • For more information about the Space Grant program visit:; and the NASA website for Space Grant at
  • You may find the advice at the following websites to be helpful. (Note: this is not an endorsement of these websites.)

Background Image of Earth