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April 26, 2017


Evan Dowling


University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

Majors: Physics and Mathematics


Evan Dowling is a Senior, studying physics and mathematics at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. He received a 2016 Undergraduate Research Scholarship Award. The senior award winner has been chosen to be this weeks #WSGCStudentSpotlight!

Upon first entering college, Dowling had intentions to study biochemistry in order to become a dentist. This quickly changed when he came across his first few physics courses and discovered his passion for the subject. This passion led him to a more specific fascination with Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Dowling is works alongside Dr. Eric Barnes, a UW-La Crosse Chair of the Physics Department and a professor. Currently, they are conducting research in aims to gain a better understanding of the dynamics that lead to the distribution of mass within large scale gravitational systems (for example: dark matter halos).

In the past, Dowling and Dr. Barnes have looked into the orbital instability of dark matter halo systems through computational astrophysics. By replicating past computational simulations and new ones, they discovered that the instability exists much farther from the center of the dark matter halos. After making discoveries, Dowling and Dr. Barnes presented their finding at the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium’s annual space conference. After graduation, Dowling intends to continue his education in physics. He is looking into different graduate schools and the research that they do.

Congratulations Evan Dowling and good luck in your future research! 

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