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Research Seed Grant Award Recipients

The Research Seed Grant Program provides awards to faculty and staff from WSGC Affiliate Member colleges and universities to support individuals interested in starting or enhancing space- or aerospace-related research program(s). The primary purpose of these awards is to help faculty build a research program through pilot studies, site visits or collaboration. The WSGC has served as an excellent forum to bring together investigators from different universities to initiate a research collaboration on topics of mutual interest. The success of this Seed Grant program is measured by the investigator’s success in developing or expanding their research program, or forming a collaboration that leads to tangible research results.

The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium is pleased to announce and congratulate the following recipients of the Research Seed Grant Awards.


Matthew Kelley
Concordia University Wisconsin
Research Title: Undergraduate Research in Astronomy at Concordia University WI
Synopsis: Modeling of radio supernovae is an important step in understanding the stellar evolution of massive stars and provides a perfect opportunity for undergraduate participation in astrophysics.

Lindsay McHenry
Research Title: Acidic vs. Neutral Hydrothermal Alteration at Lassen: Potential Mars Analog
Synopsis: We will investigate the alteration products of neutral and acidic hot springs and fumaroles at Lassen Volcanic National Park as a potential analog for deposits studied by Spirit at Gusev Crater, Mars.

Jalal Nawash
Research Title: Efficiency of Select Solar Cells at High Altitudes Using a Weather Balloon
Synopsis: This project will investigate select solar cells¿ efficiencies at high altitude by using a weather balloon. This project contributes to NASA¿s green aviation goals and leverage existing resources.

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