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Scoring Rubric

The Rocket Competition will be judged by these separate parts:

I. Design Reports
(written-50% of total score; oral-10% of total score)
  a. Competition Proposal (10%)
  b. Preliminary Design Review (PDR)(10%)
      i. PDR Virtual Review w/judges (5%)
  c. Critical Design Review (CDR) (10%)
      i. CDR Virtual Review w/judges (5%)
  d. Flight Readiness Review (FRR) (10%)
  e. Post Launch Assessment Report (PLAR) (10%)

2. Launch Weekend Presentations (10% of total score)
   a.  Launch Weekend Oral Presentation (oral) (10%) 

3. Flight Performance (30% of total score)
  a. Payload/Challenge (10%)
  b. Vehicle Construction and Performance (10%)
  c. Predicted vs. Actual Apogee (10%)

4. Bonus Points (up to 10%)
   a. Conduct an Education Outreach Project
   b. Submit Education/Public Outreach Form

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