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Scoring Rubric

The Moon/Mars Rocket Competitions will be judged by these separate parts:

1. Design Reports (75% of total score)
    Flysheet At every cycle (Proposal, PDR, etc) every team (every challenge) will fill out a Flysheet and submit a PDF of the Flysheet along with the PDF report.
  a. Competition Proposal (5%)
      i.  Flysheet
   b. Preliminary Design Review (PDR)(15%)
      i. PDR Virtual Review w/judges (5%)
     ii.  Flysheet
  c. Critical Design Review (CDR) (15%)
      i. CDR Virtual Review w/judges (5%)
     ii.  Flysheet 
d. Flight Readiness Review (FRR) (15%)
      i. Virtual Safety Inspection (5%)
     ii.  Flysheet
e. Post Launch Assessment Review (PLAR) (10%)

2. Launch Weekend Presentations (5% of total score)
   a.  Flight Readiness Presentation (oral) (5%) 

3. Flight Performance (20% of total score)
  a. Mission Performance (10%)
  b. Challenge Performance (10%)

4. Bonus Points (up to 10%)
   a. Plan and conduct an Education Outreach Project
   b. Submit Education/Public Outreach Form

All reports shall be submitted before 11:59 PM Central Time.  
Reports submitted after 11:59 pm Central Time on the due date will receive a reduction of the overall score. 

Central Standard Time (Nov. 7, 2021-March 12, 2022)
Central Daylight Time (Ends Nov. 6, 2021, and begins March 13, 2022)

1 Day Late

20% reduction

2 Days Late

40% reduction

3 Days Late

60% reduction

4 Days Late

80% reduction

5 Days Late



FNL Design review resources


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