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Aerospace Industry Program

WSGC’s Aerospace Industry Program offers competitive awards to Wisconsin-based businesses to further their aerospace needs and ventures. Many of these directly target projects that combine the strengths of our academic and industry members. The Industry Internship Program offers resources for these industry partners to provide internship and apprenticeship programs for new and ongoing projects that have space-related content.  This program assists companies in recruiting and hiring students of the highest caliber to assist with, and be exposed to space/aerospace projects and opportunities in Wisconsin.  

WSGC has played an integral role in supporting students with a wide-variety of cutting-edge projects in aeronautics, space science, and technology.  It is please to partner with Wisconsin-based companies in mentoring and equipping students for a future in space-related fields.  

All submitted proposals must align with the goals and objectives of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.

See the National Space Grant Strategic Plan

Additionally, by NASA requirement, every proposal funded through the WSGC must clearly demonstrate how its activities align with the goals of one or more NASA Directorates and/or Centers. Partnering with NASA Centers where appropriate is also strongly encouraged.
See an overview of the goals of the NASA Directorates
See an overview of the research emphases of the various NASA Centers

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