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Aerospace Industry Program: Internships/Co-ops

Industry Internship Program #11 A For 2014-2015


A. Industrial Internship Program Announcement of Opportunity (AO)

Industrial Internship Program Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for students from member schools; a minimum 1:1 (1 out of 2) match is required (i.e. 50% of the total student direct salary or wages). Industry is encouraged to place intern job postings, if available, on the WSGC industrial website by the first of each year (50-word max job announcement text). This program could provide up to $2,500 per calendar year per student based upon a 1 to 1 match of student direct salary or wages Students considered must be attending a WSGC member academic institution and working toward a degree. The company must be an industry member of the WSGC. Students should contact the companies directly for consideration. Students may post their biosketch on the WSGC website if they choose. A maximum of two students per company per calendar year are allowed. If a specific student is not proposed at the time of the proposal submittal, a detailed job description must be submitted and benefits to the hired student must be discussed. Exceptions can be made if applications are limited. A WSGC Industry Program Committee (IPC) will make award recommendations to the WSGC Director.

Specific instructions for “A” applications

  • Complete your proposal in a separate file:
    • Should be no more than 4 pages.
    • Describe the company scope and activities.
    • Describe the work of the intern for the period.
    • Provide a brief biosketch of the company intern and his or her career goals, if available. Though this information is not part of the proposal evaluation, it is important to assure that all internships are filled with students qualified to be funded through the WSGC.
    • Describe what is expected and how it will benefit the student intern, the company, and the state and national space activities.
    • Provide a detailed budget summary of how all related funds would be spent and who would pay for what (be sure to include and define matching funds).
  • Fill out the online Industry Internship Application. Please note that our application is currently hosted at the old WSGC website (UW-GB). You will be redirected there to register/apply for this program. Click below to continue to the application page.
  • Upload the proposal.
  • Upload the Certifications Page
  • Upon award and completion, industry member is to provide a brief statement to IPC that the internship was completed and the industry member shall provide a summary of final cost and match data. Required information shall be emailed to
  • If a student intern is not named at the time of the proposal submittal, before an award is made, the student’s biosketch and career goals shall be provided electronically to Susan Knauf for review.
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