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Aerospace Industry Program: Announcement of Opportunity

Industry Internship Program 2018-2019


Applications Open: October 27, 2018
Application Deadline: December 6, 2018
Award Announcements: January 11, 2019

Announcement of Opportunity 2019

Maggie Klothe, ORBITEC (2015)


Awards: Wisconsin aeronautics and aerospace industry partners are eligible to request funding to help support Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium full-time students for internships and apprenticeships.  Internships and apprenticeships are considered educational work opportunities.  These opportunities engage students with real-world experience.

         Industry Internship1:        $5000 award (1:1 match required*)
Technical Apprenticeship2:        $2500 award (1:1 match required*)**

1 Positions recommended to be filled with students attending a four-year academic institution.
2 Positions recommended to be filled with students attending a two-year academic institution.
* (i.e. 50% of the total student direct salary or wages).
** First time applicants match requirement is optional.

Purpose:  To provide internship and apprenticeship programs for new and ongoing projects that have space-related content to support Wisconsin industry initiatives.  

Internships must:

  • be in a space/aerospace field.
  • be for students attending a WSGC member academic affiliate.
  • be granted to students working toward a degree or technical certification.
  • provide a clear objective and technical approach to the work description.
  • meet a minimum threshold of 400 contact hours (time spent on completion under mentors’ direction)

Application Requirements:

  • Wisconsin-based company (large or small business, incorporated for profit).
  • A match as outlined in the Award categories.
  • A detailed job description, outlining the benefits of the internship/apprenticeship to the hired student.
  • Show clear alignment with Detail how this project aligns with the goals of one or more NASA Directorates or Centers. Please be specific (Aeronautics Research, Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, Science, Science Technology, Other). WSGC is required to demonstrate the alignment of each of our projects with NASA Directorate or Center goals, proposals that do not demonstrate such alignment will not be funded.
  • Post the job opportunity on the WSGC website.
  • All student interns must be a U.S. Citizen.

To Apply:  

Online Application:  Online applications will include the following summaries:

  • The internship or apprenticeship opportunity. 
  • The intern or apprentice supervisor job title and brief resume.
  • A work description discussing the objective, technical approach, and background.
  • A work plan describing individual tasks, percentage of total internship or apprenticeship opportunity hours, and expected outcomes.
  • The internship or apprenticeship opportunity’s correlation to WSGC’s goal of “career placement within the aerospace industry in Wisconsin.”
  • The internship or apprenticeship opportunity’s connections to NASA’s mission and specific NASA centers.
    Note: Recipients of internships or apprenticeships will be expected to provide a report on their experience and to present at the WSGC Annual Conference if possible.  Please take Conference expenses into consideration when developing a budget. 
    Dave's Universe

    Jordan Rice to become Astronomy’s first student science writer

    Posted by David Eicher
    on Thursday, May 12, 2016

    This summer the Astronomy staff will be aided by our first ever student fellow, Jordan Rice of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Jordan is a junior at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where she is studying astrophysics and math. The program enabling Jordan to join the Astronomy staff for 10 weeks this summer resulted from the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, based at Carthage College. 
    Jordan is a teaching assistant at Carthage and president of the Society of Physics Students. She is also team lead for the 2016 RockSat-X Team that will launch a payload experiment this August. Jordan has participated in three observing trips to Kitt Peak National Observatory, where most recently she conducted asteroid imaging with the WIYN 0.9-m telescope.  
    The editors of Astronomy will be delighted to have Jordan working with us this summer. Thanks to Christine Thompson of Carthage College, program manager of the Space Grant Consortium, and also to Eric Betz, former associate editor of Astronomy (and now on Discover’s editorial staff), who enthusiastically launched our participation in this program. 
    And congrats to Jordan! 
    Follow Dave Eicher on Twitter, and please check out his Author Page on Facebook.
    Source (Astronomy Magazine)


Supporting Materials Required with Application:

Tasks/Schedule with Milestones:  Describe in detail the internship project schedule with tasks and milestones (Excel, Gantt Chart, Project Management Program, etc.)

Budget/Use of Funds:  Describe in detail the use of the funds for the proposed project, then estimate the total project costs (direct costs only), and other contributor(s) and their contributed match amount(s) in the following format:

Budget Item




Be specific under this column

Salaries and Fringe**
(Faculty, Students, Other)

Annual Wisconsin Space Conference (travel/presentation)***

Supplies and Expense****

Indirect Costs










$  XX.xx

$  XX.xx



$  XX.xx

$   XX.xx






*A minimum 1:1 match is required. Add more match columns if there is more than one source of matching funds. Indicate the source of each match.
**Salaries and Fringe budgets should include the following details: name/position, number of hours, hourly rate, and fringe calculation rates.
***WSGC financially supports travel to and from the Wisconsin Space Conference only if expenses are included in this budget proposal. WSGC does not cover foreign travel. Travel details should include purpose, location and duration.
****WSGC will not fund overhead; however, it may be counted as part of the organization’s 1:1 project match.
*****The proposed budget should be established for a 9-month funding period, with all invoices submitted to WSGC within a one-year period from the award date.

Award Acceptance Components:  As part of the award acceptance, awardees will be asked to attend the Annual Wisconsin Space Conference as outlined in the award agreement and submit the following documents on the WSGC application website under Program Applications/Your Applications.


  • Award Agreement Letter
  • Institution W9
  • Quarterly Invoice with Receipt Copies
  • Verified Final Budget
  • Verified Program Match Form
  • 2-3 Intern Photos

 Mentor/Student Intern

  • Media Release Form
  • One-Paragraph Biography
  • Professional Photo
  • Intern Mid-term and Final Progress Reports

Student Intern

  • Register on the WSGC website
  • Present project at the Annual Wisconsin Space Conference in August
  • Submit a Proceeding Paper by Sept. 15th to the Proceedings of the Wisconsin Space Journal

Please direct questions about the Industry Internship Program to:

Robert Morrow, Ph.D.
Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium
Associate Director for Aerospace Outreach
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Phone: (608) 229-2728

Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium
Carthage College
2001 Alford Park Drive, Kenosha WI 53140
Phone: (262) 551-6054

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 This funding opportunity is made available for the pursuit of space-related research and/or activities through the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program: NASA Training Grant #NNX15AJ12H. Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number for this award is 43.008.

All awards are fully competitive awards of opportunity in which applications are reviewed by a WSGC Technical Advisory Panel and other experts as needed. Awards are made by the Assistant Director based on recommendations from the Associate Director.


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