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Faculty Programs

WSGC offers seed grant opportunities to researchers and individuals seeking to incorporate aerospace components into their curriculum. We also offer funding for joint Academic/Industry research. The links to the left and below provide information about the different faculty opportunities available through WSGC.

All submitted proposals must align with the goals and objectives of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.
See the National Space Grant Strategic Plan

Additionally, by NASA requirement, every proposal funded through the WSGC must clearly demonstrate how its activities align with the goals of one or more NASA Directorates and/or Centers. Partnering with NASA Centers where appropriate is also strongly encouraged.
Read an overview of the goals of the NASA Directorates
Read an overview of the research emphases of the various NASA Centers

    Early-Stage Investigator

    The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) Early-Stage Investigator (ESI) award supports faculty members in the development of research capacity and/or the pursuit of initial research data for subsequent proposals to the WSGC or other funding entity. Applicants must be 1) in the first five years of their first tenure-track** appointment and 2) a full-time faculty member at a WSGC affiliate university or college. Proposals must show explicit alignment with the goals of one or more NASA Mission Directorates. Click here for more information and to apply to the ESI.

    High Altitude Student Platform (HASP)

    HASP provides 15-20 hours of high-altitude flight time for up to 12 student experiments. 
    Read more about HASP

    Higher Education Incentives

    The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium invites proposals for value-added, higher education teaching/training projects related to any space or aerospace discipline. Higher Education Incentives (HEI) is a seed-grant program for undergraduate education projects that support the most innovative ideas on how to increase the space and aerospace content of undergraduate university and college offerings. Click here for more information and to apply to the HEI program.

    NASA Sponsored Competitions

    The NASA Sponsored Competitions program is designed to support student teams who have been accepted to participate in a NASA program. Competitions include, but are not limited to: First Nations Launch, Big Idea, HASP, Micro-G/NExT, Lunabotics, RASC-AL, Robotic Mining, RockSat, Space Apps, Student Launch, S.U.I.T.S. and X-Hab

    Research Infrastructure/SEED Program

    The Research Infrastructure Program (RIP) is designed to provide support to faculty and research staff from WSGC universities and colleges seeking to initiate a new research program, and from WSGC industrial affiliates to establish a STEM-related research program. The awards provide faculty and research staff support for a variety of activities related to supporting NASA Mission Directorates. Click here for more information and to apply to the RIP.


    WSGC has supported student teams for both training workshops (RockOn) and research projects (RockSat) on suborbital sounding rocket missions at NASA Wallops Flight Facility.
    Read more about RockSat

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