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High-Altitude Balloon Platform Research

As part of the Student Satellite Initiative, the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) runs the Elijah High-Altitude Balloon project, which provides opportunities for students to fly their science experiments in a near-space environment. Student teams will design and build science payloads to be launched and retrieved from a high-altitude balloon that will ascend up to 100,000 feet or more before bursting.

Research Team

Students selected for the Research Team will design, build, and launch a payload. Students will be expected to define an important science question or set of questions that might be addressed by a high-altitude balloon flight, and then with the assistance of mentors, design and build a science-driven payload.  Team members will track and chase the balloon as it traverses; retrieve the payload upon landing; and analyze the resulting data. Team members present their results at the annual Wisconsin Space Conference.
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