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Summer STEM Youth Programs

June 05, 2017

KVR Space Campers on an away mission to Weister Creek seeking out new life.STEM SUMMER CAMP LISTINGS

UW-Superior is hosting the second annual Aeronautics and Space Camp for High School Girls. This two day camp is designed to teach girls about potential careers and career paths in aeronautics and space. Girls will be participating in STEM activities such as flying planes on simulators, a rocket launch, and tours of local aeronautics and aerospace companies such as Lake Superior Helicopters, Cirrus Aircraft, Monaco Air, 148th Fighter Wing and an airport control tower. They will also learn about the history of women in aviation and visit the UMD Planetarium. The registration is $50 includes on-campus lodging and meals.


The African American Ethnic Academy and the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTC Institute), both 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organizations, have collaborated for twenty-one years in offering A Celebration of Life, a summer science program for upper elementary and middle school students. The primary goal of the AAEA/Institute partnership is to support African American students’ interest in the life sciences and provide them with the tools for success in school.

A long-term objective is to increase the number of minority students who enroll in – and successfully complete – high school science courses, and who eventually choose to pursue scientific careers. In addition to developing knowledge and abilities associated with scientific investigations in field and laboratory settings (e.g. formulating and testing hypotheses, utilizing problem-solving skills, learning and demonstrating correct techniques), students are challenged to develop their communication skills (e.g. through teamwork, journals, presentations to parents and family members). They are also encouraged to express and develop their creativity in numerous ways. Information regarding African-American scientists throughout history is shared, and role models of color are key players in program activities.

Summer 2017 Dates

I. Grades 3-5: June 12 - 23, 8:30-12:00, M-F mornings; ($180)
II. Grades 6-8: June 26 - July 7 (no session on July 4th), 8:30-12:00, M-F mornings; ($180)
BOTH SESSIONS ARE FULLY ENROLLED - We are no longer accepting applications for 2017.


UW Colleges Regional Continuing Educa­tion is offering local high school students an opportunity to see first-hand the many career options that a degree in Engi­neering has! This is the perfect venue for high school students that want to become an engineer, but are not sure what exact field they would like to pursue due to the many facets of engineering that are available. This is a challenging, fun, and a hands on introduc­tory experience that exposes high school students to various engineering disciplines relevant to their interests. Students will learn about the exciting field of engineering from local engineers and engineering students, participate in engineering design projects, and visit local businesses to observe engineers at work. For one week in the summer, we visit a different local company each day, tour their facility, and speak with their engineers to learn what their day entails and how they landed their job position. During the week, we will explore civil, elec­trical, industrial/manufacturing, mechani­cal, material, and architectural engineering. Space is limited.

Student can enroll in this course with or without the college credit option.
With one UW credit: 0
Without UW credit: $299


Girls Are IT is an overnight camp designed for incoming 8th – 11th grade girls. This two-day camp is designed to introduce young women to the world of IT, and the many career options available. Trips to local businesses will provide the opportunity to engage with IT professionals, with an emphasis on female role models, and time to ask questions related to the career. Hands-on activities are designed to take the mystery out of IT.  Time for relaxation, group building activities, and exploring the campus community are built into the itinerary.

More Information

When: 8 a.m. July 20, 2017 – 5 p.m. July 21, 2017
Where: UW-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI
Cost: $75 – Scholarships are available to those with financial need
Scholarships are available for girls needing financial assistance. Please contact STEM Outreach at


Min: 12 participants;  Maximum: 20 participants.
Deadline to register is Thursday, June 8, 2017.



Imagine Mars – Design a Future Colony on Mars (grades 4-8)
July 24-28 | $275
Camp participants will study the planet Mars with John Heasley, space educator, and design a future Mars community with the help of visiting guest speakers. Students will tour the main buildings and natural landscapes of Taliesin and learn about Wright’s principles of organic architecture and his futuristic concept of Broadacre City. At the end of the project week, the students create an exhibition with their 2D plans and 3D models for an imaginary colony on Mars. This camp is based on a NASA designed outreach program called: Imagine Mars.


Start with a bunch of parts- electronics, motors, propellers and a lightweight frame. Learn what each part does and then assemble your own flying robot “drone”. You’ll learn how computers control these incredible aircraft.  Connect electronic parts to form the “brains” and you’ll learn how to write computer code to make your quadcopter behave the way you want it to. You’ll learn new terms like gyro, pitch, roll and yaw. We’ll put your programming and flying skills to the test on the last day with a fun aerobatics competition. The quadcopter is yours to keep and further experiment with after the class is complete.

June 12th - June 16th 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 
8:00 am - 12:00 pm


GRADES 9 and up
June 26 - 29     1 pm to 5pm    $135 (some scholarships available)
Enter into the life of the observatory with hands-on experiences and exciting projects while you begin to engage in all the McQuown Scholars program has to offer. You will work and learn side-by side with scientists in varying fields as you explore your individual passions in science, immersing yourself in the integral components of McQuown Scholars opportunities:
    - telescope observations and imaging
    - the Fab Lab and 3-D printing
    - historical astronomical photographic plate archiving and research
    - computer programming
    - Skynet Junior Scholars and Stone Edge access​


Hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: Halsey Science Center on the UW Oshkosh campus
Grades: Kids entering grades 2nd – 7th in the fall can enroll
Cost: $40

Girls entering grades 2nd – 7th are welcome to join us for a day full of robotic excitement. We will learn how to code, play with WeDo robot kits, and craft statues or jewelry out of computer components.

Students will be split into two groups, 2nd – 4th grade and 5th -7th grade, depending on what grade they will be enrolling for in the fall.


July 31 - August 4, 2017    
9:00 am – 3:00 pm

The rocks and landscape of KVR tell an amazing story.  The girls and boys of Space Rocks will hike and explore the unique geology of the KVR and learn how to read that story.  They will learn the basics of scientific field work, take part in activities developed for NASA, work with meteorite samples, and learn about the conditions which could support life beyond Earth. Campers will use these skills to become planetary geologists discovering other worlds of our solar system such as Mars, Ceres, Pluto, and Charon and learning to read the stories of their rocks and landscapes.  Far out!

Fee:  $80 (youth must pack own lunch)
Limit:  12 children
Registration Deadline:  July 14, 2017

STEM Forward has compiled a list of top STEM summer camps and classes for students of all ages in southeastern Wisconsin. These programs and/or courses will keep your children entertained and enhance their skills in science, technology, engineering and math.

Shoreland Lutheran High School

STEPS:  Science, Technology, & Engineering Preview Summer Camp (Full for Summer 2017)
Science, Technology and Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS) at UW-Stout is a five-day summer camp for girls between their 6th and 7th grades in school. STEPS for Girls aims to build confidence in young women by structuring their participation in STEM-related activities. The hands-on activities and the high-energy environment are designed to inspire both confidence and enthusiasm.


Open to students entering grades 5-7.

Stop Dr. Drain” is a fun, entry-level middle school short course in DNA and health science. Framed with the Be An Action Hero! COMIC characters, participants learn of evil Dr. Drain, his henchmen and their plan to dominate the world with the unethical use of technology, The Drainer. Participants role-playing as scientists explore their natural microscopic world, isolate their own DNA, explore human disease epidemiology and recombinant DNA technology, purify a fictitious engineered protein “antidote” used to treat human disease, solve a crime, CSI-style while learning about healthy lifestyle choices to build bigger brains. All with a smile!

July 17th - July 21st 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 
8:30 am - 11:30 am

UW-Superior’s Transportation and Logistics Program is hosting the third annual Transportation Day for Girl Scouts on Thursday, June 22nd. This event is open to all girls ages 8-12, they are not required to be a girl scout to attend. The girls will spend a day learning about the fives modes of transportation and careers that they could have in transportation. They meet many female role models from the transportation field and take part in STEM related activities, a tour of a Halvor Lines semi-truck, a train ride with lunch on board and a tour of the SS Meteor. The camp runs from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Cost per girl is $15.

Youth in College Program (Full for Summer 2017)

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