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Eighteen Carthage students and faculty members receive STEM research and teaching funds

April 20, 2021

The NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and related space sciences projects made twenty awards to Carthage students and faculty this year, totaling $110,000. The consortium funds a wide variety of STEM programs across the state, including undergraduate and graduate education, as well as faculty and post-doctoral work.

Awards are made to students to defray tuition costs, to support research initiatives, and to provide participation in statewide and national competitions and programs. Faculty awards support research, teaching, and capstone projects.

We are pleased to recognize the following Carthage recipients of the WSGC Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • Bennett Bartel ’22
  • Liam Carls ’23
  • Alec Digirolamo ’22
  • Olivia Lutterman ’21

The Women in Aviation Scholarship was awarded to Amosia Agee-Hill ’22 for participation in the annual Women in Aviation International conference.

The Carthage recipients of the WSGC Undergraduate Research Fellowship are:

  • Cameron Fischer ’22 for work he will conduct during the summer with Professor Brant Carlson on multi-point measurement of thunderstorm electric fields by balloon-borne dropsondes.
  • Henry Meyer ’22 for his project entitled “Monte Carlo RREA Modeling and Dosimetry.”

The Carthage recipient of the Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle Research Scholarship is Calvert McCormick ’22, who will work with a team of students from across the state to develop and fly drone-based earth observing experiments.

The following students are supported for summer research under the WSGC Second Stage Space Sciences program with additional support from the NASA Flight Opportunities Program for the development of space technology hardware. These students design, test, and fly experiments aboard the ZERO-G Weightless Wonder aircraft and the Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft.

  • Amosia Agee-Hill ’22
  • Bennett Bartel ’22
  • Dalton Callow ’24
  • Liam Carls ’22
  • Riley Johnson ’24
  • Alana King ’22
  • Amanda Strebe ’23
  • Mary Travis ’22
  • Nicolas Welker ’23

The Carthage College RockSat team, led by Taylor Peterson ’21, received a $12,000 carryover award to support participation costs in the Space Grant program RockSat, which launches university experiments into space from the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

With hundreds of applicants for every position, NASA Center internships are among the most competitive internships in the country. We’re pleased to report that two Carthage students have been selected for NASA internships this year:

  • Alec DiGirolamo ’22
  • Taylor Peterson ’21

Alec and Taylor will continue their work on an experiment that is headed for the International Space Station under joint sponsorship of the Carthage Space Sciences program and Kennedy Space Center. Alec and Taylor will work at the NASA Kennedy Space Center during summer 2021.

Finally, Professor Matt Zorn of the Geospatial Science Department received funding for his project, “Integrating Geoscience, Remote Sensing, and GIS for Undergraduate Teaching and Research.”


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