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WSGC Student Spotlight - Isaac Kintz

November 02, 2020

Congratulations to this week’s #WSGCStudentSpotlight, Isaac Kintz! Isaac is the recipient of a WSGC Undergraduate Scholarship and is currently studying Biomedical Electronics at Western Technical College.

Isaac grew up with three younger brothers in a small rural town in Wisconsin. Being homeschooled, he was given the opportunity and time to pursue his interests in chemistry and physics. During his years at home he would work on every engine he could get his hands on and create any mechanical and electrical oddity that came to mind. With a protective father that would not allow his son to connect his creations to outlets, and a lack of batteries to power these devices, he became well acquainted with solar, wind, hydrogen, and other such renewable energy sources. This is primarily what sparked his interest in and love of new technologies and renewable energies such as solar, hydrogen, and cold/hot fusion. For the future, he impatiently anticipates new technologies, especially advancements in low cost flight and compact high-density rechargeable power supplies. 

After Isaac earns his associate’s degree in biomedical electronics he intends to learn as much as he can in the field. If possible, he hopes to contribute to some of the soon-to-be many needs of medical equipment in space. With so much intricate technology being developed in the medical field, it is exciting to think about fusing this technology with the advancements being made in space exploration. 

Congratulations Isaac, and best of luck to you in your future!

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