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UW-LaCrosse Middle School Science Summer Camps

February 19, 2018

Open Enrollment as of February 1st


On June 23-24, 2018, UW-LaCrosse will host the 20th-anniversary Girls in Science program and the Boys’ Science Exploration Camp. Both camps offer middle school students hands-on activities in workshops taught by UWL faculty and staff.

This year, each student will pick four workshops from Archeology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. These workshops include an exploration of climate change effects on penguins, investigating and growing crystals, building roller coasters and studying the brain and digestive system.
The student will also enjoy meals on campus and an overnight stay in a residence hall.

As a special treat for this year’s program, Dr. Jill Welter, an ecosystem scientist at St. Catherine University will deliver a keynote address. She has recently worked in Greenland, Svalbard Norway, Kamchatka Russia and in Iceland, where she collaborates with an international team of scientists and works to promote women in STEM and Arctic ecology. She will be speaking on her research which aims to understand how human activities that cause environmental change, including climate warming and nutrient pollution, influence aquatic food webs and nutrient cycling.

If you know of students entering grades 6-8 as of fall 2018 who may be interested in the
programs, you can get more information and register at for Girls in Science
and for Boys’ Science Exploration Camp.

Funding help for this year’s program comes from the UW-LaCrosse, Bosshard Park Ltd, and Gundersen Health System. In addition, several donations from groups and individuals have allowed us to give some scholarships to students.

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