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February 17, 2017

Leah Fulmer
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Astrophysics
Minor: Spanish

Leah Fulmer is a recipient of a 2016 Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award and has been selected for this week’s #WSGCStudentSpotlight! She is on track to finish up her undergraduate degree this spring!

Leah is currently working with Professor Jay Gallagher studying massive star formation in the star cluster NGC 602 and the Magellanic Bridge. They began in August of 2016 by combining data from multiple telescopes to determine the colors and relative ages of 1000 stars in NGC 602 and the surrounding region. After collecting the data, Leah and Professor Gallagher aimed to construct a detailed star formation history and information on the environmental conditions of NGC 602. Lastly, they hope to extend their research into the Magellanic Bridge. Their findings will be used to help refine the definition for potentially star-forming regions.

Leah has participated in multiple research projects outside of the University of Wisconsin-Madison: one with Professor Jeff Kenney at Yale University (Virgo Cluster evolution) and another with Professor Monica Rubio at the University of Chile (molecular cloud dynamics in the Magellanic Bridge). Aside from astrophysics, Leah likes to spend her time social dancing, reading Simon Singh novels, eating sushi, and writing poetry!

Congratulations Leah and best of luck to you moving forward!

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