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Matt Heer Highlights WSGC Funded Program on NASA TV

October 20, 2014

Students at East Troy High School participated in the NASA HUNCH Extreme program (High School Students Uniting with NASA to Create Hardware) April 10-13, 2014. The team of students identified a problem: The potential risk aboard the International Space Station (ISS) caused by tools floating away from astronauts. Their experiment, SPIDER (Spatial Proximity Device for Environmental Reading), utilized Radio Frequency Identification technology. Watch NASA TV’s interview with Advising Teacher, Matt Heer, at the International Space Station Research and Development Conference in Chicago to learn more about their experiment in Zero G.

Heer is a teacher at Platteville High School. Through WSGC’s partnership, four of his students have entered college with an aerospace industry focus.  Heer credits these opportunities as having “encouraged him as a teacher and invigorated his love of science.” 

Matt Heer’s participation in HUNCH and the SPIDER experiment is supported by a WSGC Aerospace Outreach Grant. HUNCH is an instructional partnership between NASA and high schools/intermediate schools.  

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