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KVR hosts first space camp

September 01, 2014

Girls and boys at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve’s first Space Camp explored Life Beyond Earth. They developed a working definition for life, learned about the conditions of life, observed how life adapts to its home, met extremophiles found in some of the toughest conditions on Earth, and created their own creature who could thrive on another world.

In this photo, the children walk a local creek as an analog for exploring a strange, new world and looking for biosigns.

The course was taught by Julie Hoel and John Heasley and coordinated by Jonel Kiesau.

Space Education at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve is supported by a WSGC Aerospace Outreach Grant. The Driftless Dark Skies Initiative trains nature educators so that they can inspire and educate the next generation about stargazing and space exploration as they imagine themselves in future STEM careers.

Background Image of Earth