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Dear faculty and staff colleagues,

Greetings! We are building an online civic engagement/service learning platform to bridge real-world needs from community partners and diverse talents from Carthage.

We have envisioned some user interface and functionality elements, but would like to incorporate inputs and preferences from intended end users into the design and implementation to make it more useful.

Faculty/chairs, if you or your department/program would like to receive applied project opportunities from community partners to use in project-centered classes, independent studies, and/or senior capstone projects, etc., please fill out this brief survey!

Staff, if your office would like to utilize such a platform to engage potential employers, alumni, and the alike and/or generate reports of civic engagement/service learning projects by discipline, time range, community partners, etc., please fill out this brief survey!

We expect the survey to take approximately 5-8 minutes. Thank you very much for your time and input! We would greatly appreciate it if you could complete this survey by Monday, March 20!

Best regards,

Professors Wenjie Sun and Rick Bingen ’15

Sponsoring Department, Office, or Organization:

Geospatial Science Department, Computer Science Department

For more information, contact:

Wenjie Sun:, Rick Bingen: