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Did you know that My Aspire Plan (MAP) has a destination?

There is an end point to completing MAP! All the points earned thus far apply to The Aspire Program’s Micro-Credential that we call MAP. If students complete MAP by the time they graduate from Carthage, they will receive a certificate in MAP and cords for their commencement ceremony!

MAP is a way to document application of knowledge through reflection and engagement outside the classroom to fully encompass the student learning experience. This is hugely impactful from the employer’s perspective. Employers want to see application of career ready competencies. By completing MAP students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of one’s own personal identity and impact on vocation and purpose.
  • Document engagement in our Carthage community experiences, which connects student interests and development of career readiness competencies.
  • Develop the student’s ability to communicate the value of one’s skills, strengths, and weaknesses to secure opportunities and develop as a professional.
  • Enhance the development of purposeful skills in creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship which prepares students to navigate a changing world.

The requirements of MAP are simple! Students log into MAP on their phone and complete all 10 of the featured achievement badges and either two milestone badges or 400 additional points to qualify for completion. MAP is built to be completed over the course of a student’s whole educational career.

If students have questions please direct them to their career specialist. Their destination awaits! Please remind students — don’t forget your MAP along the way!