Field Techniques of Vertebrate Paleontology takes place in southeastern Montana, where students participate in the excavation and discovery of fossils of dinosaurs and other extinct animals. The last 1 million years of the Age of Dinosaur is exposed within the field area, which captures the environmental changes that preceded the mass extinction of 66.0 million years ago. This course fulfills the science lab requirement. If you are interested in this J-term and if you have any questions, please contact Professor Thomas Carr at Note: The course is a J-Term course in the summer, and tuition must be paid if a J-term course was already taken in the same academic year.

Course code and title

BIO 2330: Field Techniques of Vertebrate Paleontology


Ekalaka, Montana


Prof. Thomas Carr (biology)

Estimated travel dates

July/August 2022 (Two weeks in Montana, one week on campus)

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