Hunter Sandidge

Hunter Sandidge

Class Year


Current home

Barrington, Ill.



Current Position

Senior Data Scientist at United Technologies Aerospace Systems

Hunter Sandidge is a Senior Data Scientist at United Technologies Aerospace Systems in Rockford, Ill. Mr. Sandidge performs predictive analytics, creates custom software, automates processes, and advises management given his interpretation of data. He enjoys having the opportunity to work with NASA, the military, and other related emerging technologies in the space and defense sector. 

While at Carthage, Mr. Sandidge won several awards and honors, including the Carthage Research and Creativity Award (2015), Carthage Distinguished Senior in Finance (2015), Overall Distinguished Senior Nominee (2015), was Second Runner Up for the Wisconsin CFA International Research Competition (2015), and more.

In 2015, Mr. Sandidge presented his thesis on improvements to the standard models for investment analysis at the Eastern Economic Association Annual Conference in New York City. He was the only undergraduate to present at the conference; all other presenters were Ph.Ds. 

“If you have an interest in something, find a professor who will support you, and dive as deep as you can. The work that you put in outside of the classroom will have the biggest impact on your future career.”

Hunter Sandidge, ’15

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“I’ve really enjoyed the evolution of responsibilities that I’ve had in various roles over the past several years. It’s rewarding to look back and reflect upon my skill levels when I first left Carthage versus now and how my career has shaped those skills. I also really enjoy the industry. I work with NASA, the military, and all related emerging technologies in the space and defense sector.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“Carthage taught me to think critically. My job is primarily unguided, meaning that I have to identify problems, find creative ways to test them, and then develop a strategy based on the results. There are no textbooks or formulas for that.

“Additionally, Carthage helped me refine my communication skills. My work is very technical, and the management that I support does not have a similar background. Because of this, I have to find ways to convey results in a language that they can understand.

“I was very fortunate to establish good relationships with my professors Cassie Lau and Tom Groleau. Prof. Lau helped me navigate undergraduate and went well out of her way to help me learn subjects of interest outside of the classroom. She was and continues to be a life coach. Prof. Groleau introduced me to the interplay of math and computer science with business and its power. I attribute a lot of my quick career advancement to the models and coding that he taught me.”

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