Suneed Ahmed ?19

Suneed Ahmed

Class Year


Current home

Utica, New York


Exercise and Sport Science

Current Position

Assistant coach at Utica College

Suneed Ahmed graduated from Carthage in 2019 with a degree in exercise and sport science. Mr. Ahmed is an assistant coach for Utica College’s cross country and distance track team. As an assistant coach, he helps the team by recruiting, driving them to and from meets, writing training plans, and more.

“Carthage has inspired me to take pleasure in providing service. As a coach, I want to help people become better, wholesome individuals.”

Suneed Ahmed, ’19

How did Carthage prepare you?

“Working for Coach Henry helped to prepare me for the position. I was an office assistant for him during my four years at Carthage and that gave me a lot of the experience I will need for the job. I also ran cross country and track for four years and have suffered injuries here and there but also experienced a lot of success in the sport which will help me with helping my athletes make the most of their experiences. I learned a lot in the EXSS Program at Carthage, from writing training and lesson plans to learning how the body works in kinesiology and exercise physiology classes.”

How has your liberal arts education benefitted you?

“I like the liberal arts education because I got to experience a lot of other things I wouldn’t normally have gotten to learn about. It helped me have a more open mind when dealing with problems and helped me approach learning from different areas. Some classes, like [Intellectual Foundations], had a lot to do with theory and multiple right answers, but other classes, like kinesiology, had only one right answer. As a result, you realize that some problems aren’t so simple to solve and others are plain in that they only have one possible outcome.”