Bryce Novak ?18

Bryce Novak

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Current Position

Logistics Account Executive at Total Quality Logistics

Bryce Novak ’18 studied two vastly different subjects at Carthage — physics and theatre. He believes that both subjects were beneficial to his success in his current sales position as a logistics account executive at Total Quality Logistics.

Mr. Novak encourages all students to explore as many interests and subjects as possible. “Carthage gives students the unique opportunity to sample many things, and with that comes the ability to learn about yourself and where your talent lies.”

“I’d recommend trying everything that Carthage has to offer. You never know what opportunities there are if you don’t reach out and try to get it.”

Bryce Novak, ’18

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“If I apply myself more to my work, my own position and rewards improve as well. The team I’m a part of also has a wonderful community that makes me feel supported and more than just another employee.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“The Physics Department specifically gave me the analytical capabilities that allow me to grapple with the work I do now. Although it is a sales position, critical thinking allows me to appraise each shipping lane differently, knowing how the products influence weights and movements of trucks with their products.

“The other areas of my study at Carthage, namely theater, enabled me to really connect with the people I interact with through my job. The majority of it is via telecommunications, and as such, I deal with a wide range of personalities. Being able to interact with each person differently while also being personable is something that only Carthage’s education structure could really provide.”

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