Steve Hobe

Steve Hobe

Class Year


Current home

Chicago, Ill.


Biology (Paleontology Track) and Musical Theatre

Current Position

Senior Coordinator of Education/ Supplemental Chorister

“I chose Carthage because it provided paths for all of my pursuits.”

Steve Hobe, ’15

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“I have been able to synthesize both of my passions into a balanced body of work. Most of my paleontology experience led me into museum education, where I am contributing to elite, world-class institutions. I don’t forget my paleo side and still spend every summer leading my own dig site of volunteers in Montana with the Carter County Museum’s Dino Shindig. I was just seen on a PBS documentary last week talking about the value of fossil plants! (MT PBS), or on the PBS hit Prehistoric Roadtrip with Emily Graslie, which came out in 2020. Balancing the performing arts, sciences, and education has been a unique challenge. Still, thankfully I have support on all fronts, from friends and family and institutions, allowing me the flexibility to pursue multiple ventures. Yesterday was a great example of this balance: my Adler team spent the day at the Museum of Ice Cream exploring participatory experiences. After lunch, I hopped on stage down the street for a matinee of Ernani at Lyric.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“I was involved in many clubs and groups across campus and curriculums. My mind was always shifting between disciplines, and each field would inform the other. I began to expand my horizons in my fields of study, including creative thinking in the sciences and analytical thinking in the arts. These outside ideas brought novel techniques to solve problems on both sides of my brain. This interdisciplinary mindset and time management balancing two majors, clubs, sports, and activities has served me well in pursuing two different career paths.”

Why did you choose Carthage?

“I chose Carthage because it provided paths for all of my pursuits: I could play hockey, learn under a world-class paleontologist, do a fossil dig every summer (something rare at the undergraduate level), and pursue musical theatre with a department I was already acquainted with thanks to IHSTF. The opportunities, distance from (and to) home, and scholarship made Carthage an easy choice.”