Dr. Megan Seitz

Megan Seitz

  • Preparator for the Dinosaur Discovery Museum
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    Dr. Megan Seitz earned her Ph.D. in geological sciences in 2010 at Michigan State University. Her expertise is on the enigmatic trace fossil Arthrophycus, possibly made by a marine millipede-like arthropod.

    Dr. Seitz has led the lab and co-led the field program since 2011. She arrived at Carthage with extensive experience gained from the unique Mammoth Site of Hot Springs (SD). Dr. Seitz works closely with students and citizen scientist volunteers in the lab and field, building up the paleo community in southeastern Wisconsin.

    Dr. Seitz also participates in DDM programs, including the annual Women in Science event and school group tours for all ages. She has also led lab and collections tours for various undergraduate courses from Carthage College.

    • BSc in geology (Paleobiology specialization) — Bowling Green State University, 2005
    • Ph.D. in geological sciences — Michigan State University, 2010