Brady Holbach, part-time Preparator, using an air scribe to remove rock from a Triceratops brainc...

Brady Holbach ’20

  • Laboratory Technician and Fossil Preparator
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    Brady Holbach ’20 is a part-time laboratory technician and fossil preparator (with support from the Bureau of Land Management); he started employment in 2022.

    Brady is an alumnus of Carthage’s paleontology program. He has extensive experience in fieldwork, lab techniques, and research skills. He has a special interest in sauropod (long-necked) dinosaurs.

    Brady has been instrumental in helping us to work on our backlog of unprepared dinosaur fossils, some of which were first collected in 2007. He also takes part in supervising and assisting student volunteers in the lab.

    • Bachelor of Arts, Biology (Paleontology) and Geoscience — Carthage College, 2020