Sahar Kherani

Sahar Kherani

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Kenosha, Wisconsin




Political Science

“Carthage allows me to better bond with my professors, advisors, and classmates.”

Sahar Kherani, ’25

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“Every professor and advisor I have encountered has provided invaluable advice, both in terms of my Carthage career and my finance career. These relationships with various faculty members have allowed me to reflect, discover my interests, and uncover my true potential. I would describe the Carthage faculty as dedicated, reassuring, and resourceful.”

Favorite class

“One of my favorite classes so far would be International Finance with Professor Chao Zheng. This course truly challenged me to understand the international market of finance and its functioning — from exchange rates and balance of payments to trade theories and monetary regimes. It has been one of the most stimulating and rewarding courses I have taken.”

Campus involvement

“At Carthage, I am the CEO of Velocity Consulting. Additionally, I am involved in Alpha Lambda Delta, Finance and Investment Club, and the Firebird Book Club.”

Toughest class

“Although a highly valuable course, Nuclear Proliferation with Professor Jeffrey Roberg would have to be the most demanding class I have taken. However, I enjoyed every minute of Prof. Roberg’s lectures, accompanied by his sense of humor. He facilitated challenging, yet eye-opening discussions that provoked so much thought concerning nuclear war and weaponry.”

Internships or on-campus employment

“I landed my first internship as a freshman at Deloitte, which is #1 of the big four accounting firms in the world. Beyond exposure to real-life projects, I learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, communication, teamwork, and technological skills, as well as embracing and implementing constructive criticism to develop myself further. Deloitte allowed me to test techniques and skills learned in the classroom, make mistakes in a comfortable environment, embrace change, and make better-informed decisions. Overall, the internship experience confirmed and further motivated me to pursue my future goals and intentions.”

Opportunities at Carthage

“During my freshman year, I applied for the Intellectual Foundations Scholarship and attended the Celebration of Scholars Student Award Ceremony. I presented a piece that explores the concept of embracing change in Aeschylus’s ‘Eumenides,’ and I won second place. I also participated in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program from January to April and was given the Certificate of Service Excellence at the Finance / Accounting Department Awards Ceremony.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“My favorite Carthage memory is the School of Business and Economics Grand Opening. In addition to attending the event, I was offered the chance to represent Velocity Consulting as the CEO, participate in a special student session with Kunal Kapoor (CEO of Morningstar), and run the MyCarthage Instagram page. It was truly a pleasure being a part of this momentous event for Carthage, especially since my mom was in attendance.”

Favorite spot on campus

“My favorite spot on campus is the Kissing Rock. It not only gives a beautiful view of the lake, but it also serves as a symbol for any organization to promote their causes and celebrate success. It is always nice to see which organization is being represented on a weekly basis.”

Biggest surprise so far

“The biggest surprise for me so far is the fact that Abraham Lincoln served as a trustee at Illinois State University, which later became Carthage. I have lived in Kenosha my whole life but never knew about this until I became a Carthaginian.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“Currently pursuing a career in finance, I think my 8-year-old self would be immensely proud to know that I have chosen a path I am genuinely interested in that has tremendous opportunities to grow and excel. Best of all, I am learning how to make money work for me, not against me.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“The percentage of women working in the finance industry is ever-growing. A career in finance offers so many opportunities for women to take advantage of. It not only presents complex challenges in a fast-paced environment, but it also gives women the ability to prosper and innovate, voice individual opinions, and make a difference in the world of business. For those who thrive under pressure, finance is the way to go!”

Why Carthage?

“As a graduate of Bradford High School located right here in Kenosha, I was offered the chance to attend Carthage to pursue a degree in finance at the new School of Business and Economics without leaving my family and hometown. After having close relationships with my teachers in high school, I knew I wanted to maintain that same lifestyle in college, where I can be acknowledged for my accomplishments — both in and out of class. The small campus allows me to better bond with my professors, advisors, and classmates. Moreover, Carthage is located right by Lake Michigan, and that, in and of itself, makes Carthage a beautiful place.”