Daniel Steiner

  • Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
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    Straz Center 70

    Dan Steiner is an enthusiastic teacher of physics and astronomy, focused on making challenging material accessible for students from any discipline. Most of his time is spent sharing physics with non-majors, mostly via the algebra-based physics courses intended for pre-health students.

    He is a strong supporter of general education through courses like Astronomy and “Physics for Future Presidents,” as well as outreach efforts through the planetarium.

    The focus of his graduate research in experimental particle physics was on meson spectroscopy, specifically examining high-energy particle decays in hopes of differentiating between models of previously unconfirmed four-quark particle states.

    • MS Physics — College of William and Mary
    • BS Physics — University of Wisconsin
    • Physics 1000 Physics for Future Presidents
    • Physics 1030 Astronomy
    • Physics 1200 Fundamental Physics
    • Physics 2100 Physics I
    • Physics 2110 Physics II
    • Physics 2200 General Physics I
    • Physics 3100 Optics and Waves
    • Physics 4500 Planetarium Operations