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Current News

  • Embedded Teacher Program
    WSGC’s Embedded Teacher Program will take flight May 9-12, 202 on  ZERO-G’s G-Force One Aircraft.  Conducting experiments in 11 minutes of weightlessness will be four middle school teachers from Wisconsin, Georgia, Iowa and Texas. Wisconsin Band Director, Lisa Werner, St. Bruno Parish School, will conduct music-focused experiments while in flight.
  • Wingspread Convention Center
    Wisconsin Space Grant will host the biennial midwest regional meeting of Space Grant staff at the Wingspread Retreat and Executive Conference Center on July 25-26, 2002. State consortia staff from across the country and their Affiliates are invited to join us for a crowd-sourced meeting with agenda items and themes contributed by members.
  • STEAM Teachers, attend a workshop on microgravity science, develop experiment proposals, and meet other space educators. Selected teacher(s) will fly their experiments on a ZERO-G parabolic flight with the Carthage Microgravity Team. 
  • Here’s what the Hubble Telescope Learned About Jupiter
    Simpson Street Free Press student author, Allison Torres, age 13, reveals to us, “Combined, all the other planets could fit inside Jupiter twice.”
  • UCLA
    Join us for the Oct. 26, 20201, First Nations Launch Webinar @ 4 PM CST “Rocket Mentorship” presented by: Mark Abotossaway, Structures Engineer, Spirit Aerosystems Panelists include FNL alumni Sophia Martinez & Ryan Rio; Faculty Advisor Carson Pete; & Mentor Mike Harrell


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