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CRL Virtual Design Meeting

January 15, 2019

Design Update Virtual Meeting
Thursday, 17-Jan-2019, at 6:00PM

Design Update Virtual Meeting presentation

Teams should send their PDR summary slides to:

  • File should be in .pdf form
  • Attachment to email, no body, no subject line in email (attachment will be automatically loaded into a folder and the rest of the email will be lost)
  • 3 slides, see the information below


    • Team roll call – 6:00
    • Review competition parameters
    • Time Table
    • Report on info from PDRs
    • Critical Design Review Report (for – CDR, 15-Feb-2019)
    • Additional competition logistics updates
    • Questions and Answers?
    • Close by 7:00

WebEx meeting instructions are attached in a file, condensed version:
Please join between 5:45 and 6:00

Join the meeting

Meeting Number: 995 051 047
Password: crl2019
Audio Connection 414-221-8000 (WebEx)
Access Code: 995 051 047


Each Team must prepare 3 slides:

Slide 1 of 3)
• Low-power, model rocket flight photos
• Pre-flight team photo with rocket
• Photo of rocket on launch pad
• Post-flight team photo with Rocket recovered in good condition

Slide 2 of 3)
• Diagram of team’s rocket showing
• Planned length and dia.
• Nosecone, fins, launch-rail buttons
• Estimate of mass
• Internal layout:
     • GEM payload bay,
     • Electronics bay, WSGC flight recorder, team’s altimeter,
     • electronic parachute deployment,
     • parachute,
     • shockcord anchor points
• Motor selected by team

Slide 3 of 3)
• Plan for GEM and deployment system

Background Image of Earth